Mediaeval Musick recreated

This early music group specialises in performing Mediaeval and Tudor ceremonial music at corporate functions, product launches and other social occasions. Their music is historically authentic, and suitable for indoors [banquets and formal dinners] or outdoors [fanfares and dancing]. Period costumes of the 12th and 13th century add colour and a sense of occasion.

The members of the group play wind and percussion instruments including recorders, shawms, rackets, cornets, curtals, bagpipes, bombards, flageolets, doucaines, flutes, hornpipes, panpipes, gemshorns, the Mediaeval Moot Horn, harps, tabors, nakers, kettledrums, cymbals, triangle, bells and a battery of percussion.

They can also include a court jester to bring any formal event to life.


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