Versatile 3 piece function band

This band has a quite simply breathtaking sound with percussion, layered keyboards and real brass arrangements that will blow your mind and leave your guests stunned! Using real audio playback to support their live sound means that both the band and its price are small, compact and suitable for any sized event.

The band offers two line up choices; the 3 piece band is perfect for events where budget, space and volume are an issue: Female Lead Vocals & Percussion, Female Lead Vocals and Keyboards, Guitar and Male vocals.

The 4 piece band has added live drums, which gives you an added dimension of energy and excitement that only live drums can give, and is highly recommended if the budget will allow!

The band has spent the past 5 years playing UK-wide at thousands of events.  They have searched the UK session musician scene to put together a team of highly experienced players. Members of the band have played with or alongside Jools Holland, Boney M, Liberty X, Busted, Lemar, Jamiroquai, Steps, Shapeshifters and The Honeyz.

They have played for corporate clients as prestigious as John Lewis, The Prudential, Yell Group, Lexus and Nokia. With the experience of literally thousands of past gigs, you can be sure that they understand better than anyone the importance of punctuality, politeness, respect and a professional attitude.

The band is now offering the opportunity for clients to substitute the standard second set for a either a Skool Disco or 70s Disco themed set!


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